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Beckham visits Filipino street kids

Dec 02, 2011 | 6:15am EST

The sports hero is in the country's capital Manila to meet kids aged between seven and 17, who have all spent time living and working on the streets.

UNICEF bosses are in the country to try and get the youngsters back into society by organising places for them to stay, including specially created centres.

Beckham took a tour of one of the units, where kids put on a rap and dance show for their superstar guest.

He says, "UNICEF is doing incredible work for street children in Manila. I've met with children that have risked horrific levels of abuse by sleeping rough, but are now safe in the UNICEF project I visited. These kids have led really tough lives but are getting back on track thanks to having a safe place to sleep, eat and play, as well as being given medical care, education and legal assistance."

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