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McGregor: show me the money

Sep 04, 2001 | 10:22am EDT

Ewan McGregor, whose celebrity has skyrocketed since he was cast in the Star Wars movies and Moulin Rouge, is apparently not as bankable in his own country as he is in the U.S. He told the online edition of Britain's Empire magazine that although he expected to be shooting the British film Young Adam this summer, plans for the movie had to be delayed because the original financing fell through. "It's really hard," McGregor told Empire. "We haven't got any support from the British film industry on that one at all, so we've had to refinance from some other places." (The film had been awarded $702,000 from the National Lottery.) He said that he expected that filming would begin in February. In a separate interview with the London Daily Record, McGregor denied a report that he would be appearing in a sequel to Trainspotting for director Danny Boyle. He said that he hasn't spoken to Boyle in years.

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