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Hollywood supports Winslet

Sep 07, 2001 | 9:24am EDT

Fresh from her break-up with husband Jim Threapleton, Kate Winslet is already receiving support from the Hollywood community.

British newspapers reported Friday that actress Julia Roberts has been comforting the Titanic star in the wake of her separation from her husband of three years. According to Reuters, Winslet told reporters outside her London home that Roberts had sent her an extravagant bouquet of flowers.

"The flowers are from Julia. I don't want there to be any speculation about who they are from. I have thanked Julia for the flowers and the card," papers quoted the actress as saying.

Roberts recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years, actor Benjamin Bratt. At the time, U.S. newspapers speculated that Bratt ended his relationship with Roberts because he could not deal with her star status and her reluctance to commit to marriage.

Norman Threapleton reportedly told the Mirror that his grandson Jim's marriage to Winslet crumbled because of their diverging careers.

"He wants to be recognized in his own right--write scripts and get away from things--and not just be Kate's husband," the Mirror quoted him as saying.

Despite the breakup, Winslet and Threapleton have said that their company Ultra Films will continue to operate under its deal with Intermedia.

Winslet is starring in two upcoming Intermedia movies, Enigma and Iris, and will star and executive produce Therese Raquin.

Winslet and Threapleton met on the set of the picture Hideous Kinky in 1998. Threapleton was the film's assistant director. The two have an 11-month-old daughter, Mia.

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