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Winslet's estranged husband speaks out

Sep 09, 2001 | 6:27am EDT

Kate Winslet's estranged husband, assistant director Jim Threapleton, confessed he does not believe he and his wife will be getting back together any time soon, according to the British media.

The press caught up to Threapleton as he was visiting the couple's flat in London to see their 11-month-old daughter, Mia. While holding his daughter, he was asked about the state of his and Winslet's marriage. Threapleton answered, "That's not even worth talking about at the moment, to you or to Kate."

"Kate is a spectacular mother. We are looking forward to having a positive future with Mia. That's the only important thing at the moment," the British tabloid The Mirror reported him as saying.

Threapleton's grandparents have told the British press they believe Threapleton was under enormous pressure, being married to Winslet and struggling to establish himself in his own field.

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