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The day after

Sep 13, 2001 | 11:19am EDT

The domino effect of the collapsing World Trade Center buildings spread across the country Wednesday as television networks attempted to find an appropriate way to provide entertainment to a country still reeling from the most devastating attack in its history. Schedules for the new television season, written in stone weeks ago, toppled, as did advertising campaigns, promotions, awards shows and other celebrations. Movies and TV shows that in any way mentioned terrorism, bombs aboard airplanes, or attacks on U.S. soil -- even alien ones -- were quickly deleted from network schedules. Even a film about rats taking over New York City was withdrawn. The TV networks also seemed unsure about what to do about several planned series featuring the CIA. (On the scheduled Sept. 20 premiere of The Agency, CIA agents foil a plot to blow up London's Harrods department store.)

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