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Mirimax reportedly buys tale about Bin Laden plot

Oct 01, 2001 | 10:21am EDT

Despite numerous recent reports that, in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, Hollywood studios have decided to shelve features dealing with terrorism, Miramax is reportedly moving ahead with plans to produce a film version of a novel in which Osama bin Laden orders an attack on the White House.

Described as "remarkably prescient" by today's London Daily Telegraph, the novel, Crisis Four, was written by Andy McNab, a former member of the SAS, Britain's elite army security regiment, in 1999. "I am not jumping on to the bandwagon," McNab told the Telegraph. Corgi, McNab's publishers, told the newspaper that the film has already gone beyond the development stage: "The deal has been done and it is currently in production," a spokesman for the publishing company was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, former 20th Century Fox chief Bill Mechanic has commented that "anyone who is making movies is thinking about the impact" of the Sept. 11 events. "You have movies that are being developed that will be thrown away and the studios will have to start looking for other things that reflect the mood of the country and also the world," he told the Los Angeles Daily News.

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