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"Serious and somber" Emmy show?

Oct 02, 2001 | 12:48pm EDT

Emmy Awards show producer Don Mischer says he's bracing for criticism about the "serious and somber" content of Sunday night's telecast. In an interview with today's New York Post, Mischer said, "I'm sure that will unquestionably happen. It's just not about going out there and telling jokes." The problem, Mischer says, is that he doubts whether, after Sept. 11th, people really care much about whether The Sopranos or The West Wing wins the most awards. (Indeed, after several persons involved in the production of The Sopranos and other New York-based shows informed him that they would rather remain with their families than fly to California, Mischer arranged for part of the show to originate at an NBC studio in Manhattan; CBS is broadcasting the awards telecast.) "I'm quite certain that not everybody is going to be happy with whatever we do," Mischer told the Post. "I feel that we're in a no-win situation."

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