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Senate blackout after Thurmond collapse irks broadcasters

Oct 05, 2001 | 12:38pm EDT

C-SPAN chief Brian Lamb has sharply criticized the U.S. Capitol Police and Senate officials for imposing a news blackout Tuesday after 98-year-old Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina fell ill on the Senate floor. Lamb told the Washington daily Roll Call that the incident demonstrated why Congress should not be able to control the images of what occurs on the floor. "We never like the fact that the Senate and the House sets this thing up to protect their own," Lamb remarked. "It is very uncomfortable when something like this happens." The A.P.'s Curt Anderson, chairman of the Daily Gallery's Standing Committee of Correspondents was more blunt, telling Roll Call: "It concerns me when you have a potentially huge news story unfold on the floor of the Senate and the press has no access." Thurman was treated for dehydration and returned to work the following day.

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