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Quote of the Day: Parker on welfare

Oct 08, 2001 | 9:28am EDT

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, to Entertainment Tonight, on her childhood in a welfare-dependant family:

There are many faces. Some people have assumptions about who is dependent upon our state and federal governments for need. I think sometimes people think it's a lot of people of color but this is what welfare looks like [pointing to herself].

Welfare is for all varieties of people. It can be people that are cultured and educated, who just find themselves in need of help. That doesn't mean they're lazy, or uneducated, or have low standards. It's just that they can't manage at the moment, and my family is a good example of that.

We all had a good work ethic, and I have a work ethic that I am proud of, but that's where I came from. I feel that my parents always did the best that they could do, and that is what the situation called for.

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