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Major record labels: Napster will pay

Oct 08, 2001 | 9:44am EDT

Lawyers representing record labels including Warner Music, Sony Music and the EMI Group said Sunday that they will reconvene in a San Francisco court on Wednesday to force online music-swapping service Napster to pay for copyright infringement.

"We will argue in front of Judge [Marilyn Hall] Patel on Wednesday, seeking a summary judgment against Napster on the issue of liability, which would in essence leave for trial only the amount of damages and the nature of the injunction,'' said Russell Frackman, a lawyer for the record industry.

According to Reuters, Napster could be facing "potentially billions of dollars" in damages if the labels are victorious. Napster representatives, however, have already stated that a more in-depth trial will be requested.

Meanwhile, to avoid such legal issues in the future, Napster is working to transform itself into a members-only paid service.

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