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Computer virus discovered on DVD

Nov 02, 2001 | 12:43pm EST

For the first time, a computer virus has been discovered lurking in a DVD. According to the BBC, the virus, known as Funlove, was inadvertently included in data files present on copies of the DVD Meet the Beat Alls, a compilation of episodes from the Cartoon Network's hit Powerpuff Girls series. Warner Bros. Home Video, which distributed the discs, has recalled all versions, warning that, when unleashed on a PC, the virus can corrupt Windows programs and affect the overall stability of the operating system. The virus is contained in files that allow fans to create Powerpuff Girls screensavers and "wallpaper" on their PCs. A spokesman for the British anti-virus company Sophos told the BBC, "Funlove has been around for a couple of years, which suggests that the people producing the DVD may not have been running up-to-date anti-virus software."

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