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"Potter" star to get big pay hike

Nov 06, 2001 | 9:46am EST

Daniel Radcliffe, who landed the title role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, is getting a substantial pay boost following a threat by the British actors' union Equity to boycott future Harry Potter projects unless his payment was increased.

According to the London Daily Mirror, he was to have received just $110,000 for the first Potter movie and $182,000 for the second, a figure that Equity described as "paltry." The 12-year-old actor is now due to receive $3 million.

"It was a scandal that Dan was being paid so little when the movie is going to be so big," an unnamed insider told the Mirror.

"Dan is going to be on the merchandising products that are going to generate untold millions. Him (sic) getting a couple of hundred thousand hardly seemed fair."

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