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"Mr. Showbiz" retires

Nov 07, 2001 | 9:27am EST

The Walt Disney Company has shut down its entertainment news website Mr. Showbiz and laid off additional staff at its Internet operations.

Persons attempting to access the Mr. Showbiz site on Tuesday were greeted with a notice stating, "After six years as the Web's best entertainment site, Mr. Showbiz has retired. Thanks for riding shotgun -- we've had a lot of fun, and we hope you have, too." The notice then continued cryptically: "But don't despir: Mr. Showbiz'll be everywhere. In the way people laugh at a comedy and ogle a hottie. Wherever there's a badly dressed celebrity or an over-inflated ego, Mr. Showbiz'll be there, too."

The notice then disappears and is replaced by the home page of

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