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Media giants to connect "everything to everything"

Nov 13, 2001 | 9:19am EST

AOL Time Warner and Sony plan to develop a broadband entertainment platform that will allow consumers to access the same, or similar, content from their home computers, TVs, mobile phones or game consoles.

Announced at the giant COMDEX fair in Las Vegas on Monday, the project was described as a delivery system that could provide a family's entire entertainment and information needs.

AOL Time Warner Chairman Steve Case described it as "everything connected to everything, a seamless integration into people's lives."

In a statement, Sony president Kunitake Ando said that the company is "committed to connect all Sony products through high-speed Internet." He added that the future broadband system will be "like air," ubiquitous in society. "This is an environment where PCs and consumer electronics are linked seamlessly to each other through a network. Nothing will prevent Sony from achieving that concept."

The AOL Time Warner announcement followed by days one by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in which he unveiled several new products that could be hooked up to the Internet.

Asked by the Washington Post about the AOL Time Warner-Sony alliance, a Microsoft spokesman said Monday, "To some degree, I think this is about playing catch-up."

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