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Jennings' "World News Tonight" holds lead among newscasts

Nov 21, 2001 | 12:02pm EST

The only good ratings news for ABC was that it World News Tonight with Peter Jennings had led the other nightly news programs for the third week in a row, edging out NBC Nightly News by about 300,000 viewers.

Anchoring the World News Tonight newscast Monday night from Dallas, where he participated in a local forum on TV news over the weekend, Peter Jennings showed a clip of an interview with a fan at Sunday's Cowboys football game.

"Can you tell me how the mood is in Dallas these days?" Jennings asked.

"Nobody likes you," the man responded, claiming that the media's reporting on the war on terrorism was unpatriotic.

Jennings commented: "Our conversation then got pretty drained away. But I wonder how he might have felt if we'd sat down and had a beer. My sense was that he was so angry about life that it might not have made any difference. But it would have been interesting to try."

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