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Blockbuster Awards canceled

Nov 23, 2001 | 1:54pm EST

It has certainly been an excrutiating award show season so far.

First the Latin Grammy Awards were canceled. Then the Emmy Awards were rescheduled twice, before they aired to less than even lukewarm response from the American public. Now Blockbuster has canceled what would have been its eighth annual film and music awards show.

The reason? Blockbuster spokeswoman Liz Greene told Reuters on Wednesday that the show has been canceled because of the uncertainty of viewing habits and America's ongoing war on terrorism. She also cited this year's unsuccessful Emmys telecast, which had the lowest ratings in recent years.

The award ceremony was due to be taped sometime in late April or May of 2002 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for broadcast on the Fox network. A Fox spokesman told Reuters the network "had nothing to do with their cancellation.''

With about 65 categories, the show honors performers in film genres ranging from horror to action to science fiction, with such unusual categories as best villain and favorite action team.

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