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Horse wrangler says "Rangers" is "unreleasable"

Nov 26, 2001 | 10:34am EST

An Alberta stunt coordinator and horse wrangler employed during the shooting of Texas Rangers, due to open on Friday, has told the Calgary Sun that he counted 20 "horse-related accidents" that occurred during the production.

Describing the teen western as "unreleasable" (after being shelved for nearly two years, it is finally opening in 17 theaters) the horseman, John Scott, said: "The film was plagued with problems from day one and those problems produced an atmosphere of carelessness" on the part of riders.

However, one of the producers of the Miramax film, Frank Q. Dobbs, told the Sun that Scott's criticism appears to "put the blame on the Alberta wranglers and stunt men and that is grossly unfair. ...There are always minor incidents whenever you are using horses on a film." Dobbs acknowledged that Texas Rangers "is definitely not the best western, but its faults have nothing to do with the competence or dedication of Alberta filmmakers, wranglers and stunt people. It is unconscionable and self-serving for John Scott to suggest differently."

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