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Johnny Depp makes cameo appearance on BBC comedy show

Dec 14, 2001 | 9:47am EST

While filming the movie From Hell in England last year, Johnny Depp became such a fan of the BBC comedy series Brilliant! that he asked to appear on the show. He does so on the season premiere, carried on BBC America at 8:00 Saturday night.

In a sketch featuring regular cast members Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams, Depp portrays an American movie star visiting the Suit You shop, where he is measured by suit salesmen Ken and Kenneth while being pestered with questions about his sex life.

In a BBC press release, Depp is quoted as saying, "I got off a plane, sweating like some kind of hideous swine, and grabbed all my luggage and [raced] over to the BBC and went straight to the stage, not knowing the lines really well. With these guys, there's no way to be funny around them, so you just shut up and nod your head."

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