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Harrison died in McCartney's house

Dec 20, 2001 | 8:43am EST

The mystery of where former Beatle George Harrison spent his final moments has finally been revealed.

The Los Angeles affiliate of the UPN network, UPN News13, reported Wednesday that Harrison died in the secluded Beverly Hills estate owned by friend and ex-bandmate Paul McCartney.

According to the report, McCartney bought the house six months ago from rocker Courtney Love and told Harrison two weeks before his death that he could use the house, which is hidden away behind a gated driveway, to spend his last days in relative peace and quiet.

Speculation has been brewing since Harrison died Nov. 29 on his exact place of death. Initially, it was reported he died in a friend's home, but the address on the official death certificate listed an address that didn't exist, according the postal service.

Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred lodged a complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department about the accuracy of the death certificate because the "integrity of public records is at stake." A police spokesman, however, told Reuters it was not illegal to list a false address as long as there was no intent to defraud.

The spokesman added that occasionally celebrities have used this practice to avoid the throngs of fans and souvenir hunters overtaking the place of death.

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