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2001's celebrity obituaries

Jan 03, 2002 | 9:54am EST

We lost some beloved celebs in 2001. We take a remorseful look back:

Jack Lemmon (76), one half of the Grumpy Old Men--oh, and he won two Oscars during his 50-year acting career.

George Harrison (58), the "quiet Beatle," a deeply spiritual man who devoutly supported the Hindu religion.

Aaliyah (22), an up-and-coming singer who died in a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas in August.

Anthony Quinn (86), who, like Lemmon, also won two Academy Awards--best known for the film Zorba the Greek.

Carroll O'Connor (76), TV's Archie Bunker and--in his later years--a champion of the anti-drug movement.

Perry Como (88), the smooth-voiced singer who spent 50 years entertaining the world.

Dale Evans (88), Roy Rogers' wife and sidekick in over 25 westerns.

Ray Walston (86), Emmy-winning star of the TV series My Favorite Martian.

William Hanna (90), who (along with Joseph Barbera) co-created The Flintstones and countless other animated TV classics.

Troy Donahue (65), the silver-screen hunk who made teens swoon in such films as A Summer Place.

John Lee Hooker (83), a major influence on the music scene, whose bluesy riffs made Mississippi music a staple in American culture.

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