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Cruise, Cruz dazzle fans at London premiere

Jan 22, 2002 | 10:07am EST

They may have arrived a tad late, but Hollywood's homophonic couple Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz certainly made up for it, schmoozing with fans--an estimated 2,000 hardy individuals who braved the cold--for more than an hour at the London premiere of Vanilla Sky.

Cruise and Cruz took their leisurely time to talk to the throngs at Leicester Square outside of the Empire theater, signing many autographs and posing for numerous candid pictures with the adoring masses. Cruise performed his now signature move at the premiere, borrowing proffered cell phones to talk to relatives and friends of those in attendance.

"We were just having fun, calling up peoples' friends and family and leaving messages on their answerphones. It was great,'' Cruise said.

Vanilla Sky has been relatively successful here in the U.S., having grossed nearly $90 million in box office receipts thus far, despite what can only be described at best as mixed reviews from critics. (Click here to read's review of the movie.)

Though the movie, Cameron Crowe's remake of the 1997 thriller Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes), features an on-screen romance between Cruise and Cruz, Tom once again denied that the pair started their relationship during filming, while Cruise was still married to Nicole Kidman.

"Penelope is an enormous talent and I have admired her from her other films. But in terms of our personal life, nothing happened on set," Cruise explained.

Director Cameron Crowe also attended the London debut of the psychological thriller.

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