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Snoop Dogg to Host "Wild" Video

May 12, 2002 | 5:43am EDT

He's already established himself as rapper extraordinaire; he's even done well on the big screen with roles from Training Day to The Wash. But now Snoop Dogg's goin' wild--Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style, that is.

According to TV Guide, Snoop cut a deal with Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis that will have Snoop hosting his own video, due for release in August.

"Snoop's the ultimate pimp," Francis told TV Guide Online. "He loves women and he loves the videos. He's a fan and he wanted to make his own."

Reportedly, Snoop will enjoy a healthy percentage of profits from the salacious video, as well. Francis wouldn't discuss financial details, but he did say, "It's very similar to [Snoop's] record deal."

The GGW series is a compilation of home video-style footage that captures female Spring Breakers and Mardi Gras participants flashing normally covered parts of their bodies in public and in front of crowds of people.

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