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Yeoh planned to smuggle laptop to Suu Kyi

Jan 02, 2012 | 12:15pm EST

The former Bond girl steps into Suu Kyi's shoes in new movie The Lady, which tells the story of the National League for Democracy leader's 15 years under house arrest.

During her research for the role, Yeoh visited Suu Kyi in Burma in December 2010 - and she's confessed she hatched a secret plot with the movie's director Luc Besson to sneak a few luxury items into the campaigner's home.

She tells Hello! magazine, "Luc wanted me to take her a printer and laptop and all those things she had been denied, but I was worried about being stopped for smuggling. So I did the girl thing and brought her some of my favourite lipsticks... She was thrilled."

Yeoh returned to Burma in June last year (11) but was denied entry at the border and deported because she is now on a blacklist.

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