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Niemi feels Swayze's spirit as she launches new book in New York

Jan 10, 2012 | 4:00am EST

The dancer reveals secrets from Swayze's battle with pancreatic cancer in her tome Worth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward, and she feels the Dirty Dancing star's presence before every promotional engagement.

She tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live, "I was actually just in New York promoting the book... The very first day of press, guess what I'm seeing everywhere on the street - Ghost, spelled out. It was really actually pretty freaky.

"The musical based on the musical Ghost is opening on Broadway and so all the taxi cabs, I swear to God... every fifth taxi had 'Ghost' written (on it) and I'd walk out of a building and they'd (cabs) be zinging past me.

"If that isn't a sign... and sometimes it takes, like, a hammer to hit me over the head to get it."

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