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Fry undergoes dental surgery

Jan 20, 2012 | 6:15am EST

The funnyman had a temporary triple crown put in his mouth, but is returning to his specialist next week (begs23Jan12) to have a permanent replacement fitted.

In a post on his page on Friday morning, he writes, "Hell's teeth & a bucket of blood. 3 hour session at the dentist coming up. There isn't enough (anti-anxiety drug) Xanax in the world to prepare for this."

And updating fans later on in the day, he added: "Well that went better than expected. Temporary triple crown fitted on bottom row. Real ones installed next week. Actually fell asleep."

Fry wasn't the only star who visited a dentist on Friday - actress Kirstie Alley also had an appointment with her specialist to undergo root canal surgery.

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