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Hitchcock and Dahl turned down Queen's honours

Jan 26, 2012 | 9:15am EST

The Queen presents her list of honourees twice every year, acknowledging the public service of the most prominent British and Commonwealth citizens in a variety of fields, including entertainment, industry and government.

But not everyone holds the accolade in high regard, and more than 250 people - including sculptor Henry Moore, painter Francis Bacon and Brideshead Revisted author Evelyn Waugh - have snubbed the opportunity to be recognised by the monarch, according to newly-released government documents.

Psycho filmmaker Hitchcock turned down an award in 1962, although he later relented and accepted a knighthood prior to his death in 1980.

Members of the British government were forced to publish the documents on Thursday (26Jan12) under the Freedom Of Information Act.

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