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Plummer blasts slow Malick

Jan 27, 2012 | 4:00am EST

Plummer is the clear favourite to land a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award next month (Feb12) for his role as a dying gay dad in Beginners, but he's not looking forward to a possible encounter with his The New World director Malick, who is nominated for his film The Tree of Life, on the red carpet.

The British actor tells The Daily Beast he'll never work with the reclusive filmmaker again - because he hated the slow pace at which he films projects.

Plummer admits he so disliked working with Malick, he wrote him a letter after the film had wrapped.

He says, "I gave him s**t. I'll never work with him again... I told him, 'You're so boring, you get in these ruts, you've got to get yourself a writer.' My career with Mr. Malick is over."

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