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Caine enjoys 'little honeymoons' with wife

Feb 06, 2012 | 4:00am EST

The British screen legend married actress and model Shakira Baksh in 1973, and the couple is parents to a daughter, Natasha.

Caine, 78, keeps the spark in their relationship by whisking his partner off to Paris in France whenever possible, and they recite lines from classic 1942 movie Casablanca.

He tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "Oh we're so romantic. We go off on little honeymoons. Every now and again we go off to a lovely hotel called the George V in Paris and have a weekend honeymoon away from everybody.

"Paris is our city. We ­always do the quote from Casablanca... Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman, she was saying goodbye and he says, 'We'll always have Paris.' And that's us two."

The star also reveals he has an interesting history with the French capital, adding: "I know the city so well. I went there when I was very young and broke. I wound up selling frites on the streets on a hotdog stand.

"I made very good frites actually. And then I went back wealthier and ­wealthier and was able to stay in nicer and nicer places and to eat at all the great ­restaurants."

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