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Singleton's "2 Fast" Breaks Records

Jun 12, 2003 | 10:11am EDT

Not only did the revved-up sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious win the weekend's box office race with a $50.5 million debut, the John Singleton-directed film also managed to break the record for the biggest opening for a black director.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Singleton's 2 Fast went way beyond record-holder Keenen Ivory Wayans, whose film Scary Movie debuted at $42.3 million in July 2000. At the time, Scary Movie was tagged as the best opening for a black director as well as for an R-rated movie. The Matrix Reloaded now holds the latter record with $91.8 million.

The PG-13-rated 2 Fast also seems to gaining strength, and pundits say it's likely to remain at the top of the list in the coming weeks. The action-packed street racing film starring Paul Walker and Tyrese was given a thumbs-up reception by a solid 92 percent polled after seeing the film, according to

Expectedly, listed a predominantly young, male audience for 2 Fast, 66 percent to be exact, with a sizable 76 percent under 25 years of age. The subject matter of car racing was the film's biggest draw as noted by 44 percent of those in attendance.

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