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Studios Give Thanks for Thanksgiving Box Office

Nov 30, 2003 | 2:11pm EST

Over the last decade, Thanksgiving has become one of Hollywood's biggest box office holidays, with dollars nearly double what they were ten years ago. On a year-by-year basis, here's a look at how Hollywood has sliced its Thanksgiving box office pie.

2003: $209.5 million*

The Haunted Mansion is first with $35 million, followed closely by The Cat in the Hat with $34 million. Elf took third place with $31.8 million. Gothika, came in fourth with $18.2 million, and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World rounded out the Top Five with $17.5 million.

2002 : $192.9 million

MGM and United Artists' PG-13 rated action adventure thriller Die Another Day, the 20th of the studio's Bond epics, led the five-day box office with $46 million, and Warner Bros.' PG rated sequel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came in second with $45.7 million. Buena Vista/Disney's G rated comedy sequel Santa Clause 2 came in third place with $16.8 million. Buena Vista/Disney's PG rated animated sci-fi adventure Treasure Planet followed in fourth with $16.5 million. Columbia's PG-13 rated animated musical Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights came in fifth place with $14 million.

2001: $207.2 million

Warner Bros. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was first with $82.4 million. Buena Vista/Disney and Pixar's Monsters, Inc. was second with $32.5 million. Universal and Beacon Pictures' Spy Game opened in third place with $30.6 million. 20th Century Fox's Black Knight opened in fourth place to $15.4 million, ,and Fox's Shallow Hal was fifth with $12.1 million.

2000: $238.7 million

Universal's Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas was first with $73.5 million. Buena Vista's opening of Unbreakable was second with $46.0 million. Buena Vista's 102 Dalmatians opened in third place with $26.2 million. Paramount's Rugrats in Paris: The Movie was fourth with $22.5 million. Columbia's Charlie's Angels finished fifth with $13.5 million.

1999: $218.9 million

Buena Vista/Disney and Pixar's animated sequel Toy Story 2 led the pack with $80.1 million. MGM/UA's James Bond sequel The World Is Not Enough was second with $34 million. Universal's Arnold Schwarzenegger epic End of Days opened in third place to $31.5 million. Paramount's Sleepy Hollow from director Tim Burton was fourth with $26.9 million. Warner Bros.' animated Pokemon rounded out the Top Five with $9.1 million.

1998: $176.9 million

Buena Vista's A Bug's Life topped the box office with $45.7 million.

1997: $147.2 million

Buena Vista's Flubber took top honors with $35.9 million.

1996: $146.5 million

Buena Vista's 101 Dalmatians barked up the right tree and earned $45.1 million.

1995: $154.3 million

Buena Vista takes the top spot again with Toy Story's $39.1 million.

1994: $134.8 million

Buena Vista begins the holiday winning streak that won't end until Universal's Grinch steals Christmas--and the Thanksgiving weekend top spot--in 2000. In 1994, The Santa Clause started the Mouse House off with $27.4 million.

1993: $106.8 million

20th Century Fox's Mrs. Doubtfire takes the top spot with $27.6 million.

*Based on key films--those grossing $500,000 or more for five days.

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