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Danes watches her husband on TV

Apr 10, 2012 | 10:15am EDT

The actress shoots her hit TV show Homeland on location in Charlotte, North Carolina, while British star Dancy remains at home in New York.

Dancy filmed a recurring role in small screen show The Big C, and Danes admits she often tunes in to the series when she is away.

She tells Britain's S magazine, "When I'm on my own in Charlotte feeling loney and bereft, at least I can keep watching Hugh on The Big C."

The Stardust actress also reveals her husband is a big fan of her show, in which she stars as a CIA agent, and won't let her talk about her work in case she gives away the plot.

She adds, "He won't let me talk about what I was doing at work that day. He says he doesn't want the story spoiled and I'll say, 'But I need to share my experiences with you'."

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