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Accident on Skyfall set causes local outrage

Apr 16, 2012 | 1:15pm EDT

The cast and crew were filming a scene in the city's famous 15th-century Grand Bazaar when an unnamed stuntman crashed into a 330-year-old jewellery shop at high speed, in a bid to avoid hitting a pack of extras.

Unhappy store owner Mete Boybeyi tells Reuters, "It is very nice for the Grand Bazaar to be chosen as a location for shooting this kind of movie. But the bazaar's administration... didn't notify us the shooting would be like this... No one from the movie crew came to ask 'what are your losses?' We filed a complaint at the police station."

And adding further insult to injury, Boybeyi reveals the site, which once served members of the Ottoman court from the nearby palace, is considered a place of historical significance.

He adds, "This place is regulated by the Council of Monuments. We can't even change our window without their permission."

The store will now be closed for repairs.

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