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Diaz Accused of Giving Model an Icy Reception

Jan 05, 2005 | 5:30am EST

Movie beauty Cameron Diaz has been accused of attacking a model with ice cubes in a jealous rage.

The Charlie's Angels star and her pop hunk boyfriend Justin Timberlake were enjoying an intimate dinner in a plush New York restaurant when underwear model Deanna Miller sat down on the table next to them.

Upon hearing revelations Miller flirted with the "Cry me a River" singer at an exotic magazine photo shoot in the Bahamas, Diaz proceeded to fire icy ammunition at the 20-year-old and her pals, reports British newspaper The Sun.

A source says, "Throughout the entire dinner, Cameron was pelting Deanna in the back of the head with ice chips. Cameron apologized for doing it, like, 'Oops, sorry girls'--but then she continued to do it."

However, Diaz's spokesman has rubbished the allegations, insisting, "That is a ridiculous story."

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