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Ethan Hawke Bans His Kids From Movies

Jan 18, 2005 | 11:43am EST

Ethan Hawke is determined to keep his kids away from the movie industry, because he's aware of the destructive impact Hollywood has on child stars.

The Training Day star kicked off his acting career in The Explorers when he was 14, but admits the early experience was bizarre--and he can understand why so many child actors and actresses suffer drug and psychological problems in the future.

He says, "Children aren't supposed to work. As much as people think that acting is fun, it's still a job. It's a weird thing to be 14 and have a grown-up get you coffee and to be near all that money."

Hawke has two children, Roan, two, and Maya Ray, six, by estranged wife Uma Thurman.

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