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Jennifer Lopez Attacked by Protestors at Restaurant

Mar 11, 2005 | 12:43pm EST

Animal activists made diners at Jennifer Lopez's Pasadena, California, restaurant a little uneasy today as they showed them images of animals skinned alive over lunch.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) followers took their fur protests against Lopez to a new level by protesting outside Madre's.

They also paraded large posters of Lopez with the words "Fur Hag" attached and placards featuring images of orphaned animals and the caption "J.Lo: These Babies Miss Their Mother--Is She on Your Back?" as diners tried to eat lunch.

The activism was part of an ongoing campaign to shame Lopez for "promoting and profiting from the bloody fur industry".

Activists with body-screen TVs also used the Madre's protest to air the west coast debut of the first-ever video footage of fur farms in China, shot during a year-long undercover investigation.

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The protest comes on the heels of the February debut of Lopez's fur-laden Sweetface fashion collection, which has been panned by critics and animal rights activists alike.

A PETA spokesman says, "Lopez continues to pimp for the fur industry despite the fact that PETA has contacted her no less than a dozen times, pleading with her to stop supporting the horrific abuse of animals killed for their fur."

PETA have just launched an anti-J.Lo website, which urges the Latina to stop wearing fur.

Meanwhile, Lopez also exposed her lack of world knowledge during a recent trip to Japan to promote her movie Shall We Dance?--by failing to recognize the name of the Japanese prime minister.

The superstar was grilled by local reporters keen for her thoughts about the film, a remake of 1996 Japanese movie Shall We Dansu?, in which she appears alongside Richard Gere.

According to the New York Daily News, journalists were amused by Gere's resemblance to Japanese premier Junichiro Koizumi--a comment that left J.Lo blank-faced.

When someone explained who Koizumi is, Lopez responded, "Really, I'm sorry. That's so funny"

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