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George Clooney's New Home Vandalized

Mar 11, 2005 | 12:43pm EST

George Clooney's latest Italian home has become the target of vandals and hooligans opposed to the movie star's plans to take control of picturesque Lake Como.

Activists have broken windows and scrawled on walls at his Villa Margherita home in the northern Italian town of Laglio, after learning of Clooney's plans to buy a public beach on the shores of the famous lake and make it his own.

According to magazine In Touch, Clooney recently bought the home as he begins developing the area around his first Lake Como mansion.

And locals are annoyed with his plans to take over properties and beaches and turn it into his own private spread.

Local Laglio councilor Roberto Pozzi, who wasn't one of the vandals, says, "Our group will oppose any concession or occupation of public spaces. It is one of the few openings to the water, and it's used by residents."

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