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Charlie Sheen Fighting Call Girl's Oral Sex Claims

Mar 25, 2005 | 10:29am EST

Charlie Sheen's publicist is angrily denying reports that the actor cheated on his now-estranged wife Denise Richards with a call girl last month.

Richards, who is pregnant with the couple's second child, shocked Hollywood when she filed for divorce from her husband of two years earlier this month. Both have refused to go into details about the split.

And now, just days after Sheen's father Martin Sheen issued a statement defending his son from rumours suggesting the Platoon star has returned to his womanizing ways, hooker Chloe Jones has come forward claiming she performed oral sex on the actor at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles on Feb. 6.

But, despite the fact that bosses at the National Enquirer made Jones, 29, take a lie detector test--which she passed with flying colors, Sheen's publicist Stan Rosenfeld is denying her claims.

He says, "The only thing they (Enquirer) got right was the spelling of his name. Charlie Sheen has not been at the Bel-Air Hotel in over a year. Every hour that she (Jones) mentions in the story can be accounted for." Rosenfeld can confirm that Sheen and Jones are old friends--but he insists his client hasn't seen the hooker since 1996.

In her Enquirer exclusive, Jones, who is a popular X-rated star on the internet, claims Sheen tracked her down via an escort agency, under the assumed name Rusty Ties.

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She insists she isn't to blame for the break-up of the actor's marriage because her alleged client confessed he no longer loved his wife and that it was common knowledge among her prostitute friends that "there were others" romancing Sheen.

Jones claims she was delighted to spend time with her old client, who allegedly paid $15,000 to spend four hours with the hooker, but she states he was terribly depressed.

She says, "Charlie was suicidal, sobbing, saying his marriage was over and he wanted to marry me."

Jones also claims Sheen told her his marriage was at breaking point because Richards kept accusing him of gambling huge sums of money away.

She adds, "He said, 'I'm not even living with her. I'm spending long hours at work. I send my assistant over to get my clothes."

Sheen's publicist, Rosenfeld, has refused to comment as to whether the actor plans to take legal action against the National Enquirer.

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