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Michael Rappaport's Crab Woes

Apr 04, 2005 | 6:14am EDT

Actor Michael Rappaport walked away with more than a flop movie when he made Metro with Eddie Murphy in 1997--he also caught crabs.

The actor was stunned when he discovered the unwanted companions on his genitals--because he hadn't slept with anybody during filming.

He says, "It was one of the first relationships in my life where I was trying not to f**k around. I was so nervous that the girl thought I was gonna cheat and I hadn't cheated.

"I called my friend and I said, 'I got f**king crabs!' And he was like, 'How? Did you f**k around?' I was like, 'I swear to God I didn't, but I was in this hotel.' You can get 'em from sheets.

"You know like sometimes you're touching yourself and you're naked? (I wasn't) masturbating, but I was laying there just kind of watching TV... and I'm like scratching myself and I look down and there's like a f**kin' crab. I remember thinking, 'That's why they call 'em crabs!' They're really f**kin' crabs!'"

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