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Paris Hilton: 'Richie Wasn't My First Choice for Reality Show'

Apr 21, 2005 | 7:03am EDT

Paris Hilton is elated pal Kimberly Stewart plans to join her in her hit reality show The Simple Life--because she didn't originally want Nicole Richie as her co-star.

The hotel heiress, who has confirmed reports she and Richie are no longer friends, is hoping for Stewart to join her on the road for the fourth season of the show--and she claims the daughter of Rod Stewart was her original first choice.

Hilton says, "When the first installment happened, I wanted Kim. And she was like, 'I'm not doing a reality show.' Nicole was like, 'I'll do it.' I was like, 'Alright.'

"So now it's going to be new and fun, and we're really excited."

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