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Paris Hilton Took Psychic Guidance to Find Lost Dog

May 02, 2005 | 7:48am EDT

Reality TV star Paris Hilton credits her psychic advisor with saving the day when her beloved dog went missing.

The blonde heiress was distraught when her pet pooch Tinkerbell disappeared, but one phone call to her favorite mystic and the mutt was soon found.

The Simple Life star, 24, says, "This woman is amazing and she's always right. When my dog Tinkerbell ran away, I called her, and she said Tinkerbell was in a white house with a white van in front.

"When I went to pick her up, sure enough she was in a white house with a white van outside."

The hotel heiress consults the psychic on every aspect of her life - the mysterious guide was even responsible for Hilton's decision to ditch pop hunk Aaron Carter last year.

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Meanwhile, the stray dog Orlando Bloom adopted as his own while filming Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco has topped a new list of cute Hollywood pooches.

The former down-and-out dog, called Sidi, beat off Jessica Simpson's scruffy Maltese, Daisy, and French star Olivier Martinez's Rhodesian ridgeback, Sheba, in the poll in the weekly magazine In Touch.

The full list of Hollywood's Cutest Dogs is:

1. Sidi (Orlando Bloom)

2. Daisy (Jessica Simpson)

3. Sheba (Olivier Martinez)

4. Luca (Mary-Kate Olsen)

5. Tinkerbell & Bambi (Paris Hilton)

6. Atticus (Jake Gyllenhaal)

7. Honey Child (Nicole Richie)

8. Sid (Jessica Alba)

9. Bit Bit (Britney Spears)

10. Boris (Kelly Osbourne)

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