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Sandra Bullock Warned Off 'Brutal' Boyfriend by Ex-Employee

May 27, 2005 | 12:06pm EDT

Movie star Sandra Bullock is being urged to dump her tough guy boyfriend Jesse James by a former employee of the TV mechanic, who claims he forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Deann McClung (corr), 41, claims James is "an evil, brutal, terrible person" and she has the court papers to prove it.

The single mother-of-three has gone public with her thoughts about James because she worries that Bullock thinks she's found a dream guy.

McClung tells tabloid The Globe, "If I could speak to Sandra right now, I would tell her, 'Run!' He forced me to have sex, kidnapped me, locked me up, and threatened me. He ruined my life.

"I'm sure he has Sandra conned into thinking what a nice guy he is, but it's all a lie... Maybe my story won't make Sandra change her mind--but it will be on her mind."

McClung filed a lawsuit against James in 2000--three months after he fired Her--accusing him of sexual harassment, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The case went into mediation and McClung was advised to settle, and says she still lives in fear of repercussions.

She adds, "Jesse James runs in a very odd world, and if he wanted to have me killed, I think he could."

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