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Jane Fonda: 'I Hate Botox'

Jun 07, 2005 | 6:44am EDT

Jane Fonda is sick of the cosmetic surgery culture in Hollywood and prefers to visit Britain because people look more real there.

Although the veteran actress, currently starring in the hit comedy Monster-in-Law admits being "nipped and tucked" herself, she hates Botox and its effect on the faces of Americans.

The 67-year-old says, "No, I have not had Botox. I will see a woman in Hollywood walking towards me and I'll think that I know her but I don't know who she is. It is terrifying. Everyone looks the same.

"What I like about England is that people look like they're supposed to look. It's like having a perfect bathroom--it's better to have one that's kind of real and a little shabby."

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