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Ewan McGregor To Open Children's G8 Summit

Jun 16, 2005 | 8:42am EDT

Scottish screen star Ewan McGregor will open the children's version of the G8 summit next month--the C8 summit.

Kids from the world's poorest nations will join youngsters from the wealthiest countries in Dunblane, Scotland on July 3, and will present their own manifesto to the world leaders at the Gleneagles summit three days later.

The Star Wars actor, who is an ambassador for the United Nation's UNICEF initiative, is astounded by the young participants' adult approach to the initiative.

He says, "Children have a unique perspective on the world. I am amazed at their eloquent, articulate and passionate views."

"Many living in other countries have had direct experience of issues such as poverty, education, HIV and AIDS, and deserve to have their voices heard."

Children from Bhutan, Moldova, Yemen, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Lesotho, Bolivia, UK, France, Italy and Germany will take part.

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