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Sharon Stone Leaves Child in Paparazzi Surrounded Car

Jun 20, 2005 | 6:43am EDT

Sharon Stone caused an uproar when she left her adopted son Roan sleeping in her car while she dined late with a mystery man at exclusive London restaurant The Ivy on June 19.

The 47-year-old Hollywood actress left her four-year-old in the care of her chauffeur, but the sweltering 33 degrees Celsius heat and constant camera flashes raised even the surrounding paparazzi's concerns for the sleeping child, reports Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

And her careless actions are particularly outrageous as Stone is preparing for a legal wrangle with former husband Phil Bronstein for custody of Roan.

One photographer says, "I was stunned when I saw she had left her son sleeping in the car. Why on earth would she do that when she has a house a couple of miles away.

"It was a hot night and he could have been traumatized by the camera flashes going off."

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