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Woody Allen Not Interested in Sept. 11

Jun 29, 2005 | 7:01am EDT

Director Woody Allen has dismissed the Sept. 11 attacks as a negligible historical event not worthy of the silver screen.

The Melinda and Melinda filmmaker regards the al-Qaeda attacks on America's east coast as a minor disaster compared to other historical events.

Allen tells, "As a filmmaker, I'm not interested in 9/11. It's too small, history overwhelms it. The history of the world is like: He kills me, I kill him, only with different cosmetics and different castings.

"So in 2001, some fanatics killed some Americans, and now some Americans are killing some Iraqis. And in my childhood, some Nazis killed Jews. And now, some Jewish people and some Palestinians are killing each other.

"Political questions, if you go back thousands of years, are ephemeral - not important. History is the same thing over and over again."

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