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Paramount Slammed for Badly Timed 9/11 Movie Announcement

Jul 11, 2005 | 6:29am EDT

Paramount studios have been slammed for announcing Nicolas Cage will star in Hollywood's first movie dramatization of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks--within 24 hours of the London bombings on July 7.

News of the movie broke in the Friday edition of showbiz newspaper Variety, the day after the tragedy in the English capital, and a studio insider admits the timing is not "ideal."

The movie giants have shocked the public with their inadvertent display of double standards--studios and broadcasters avoided any theme reminiscent of the devastating attacks on New York's World Trade Center, even erasing images of the towers from film stock where possible.

The movie, which will feature Cage as real-life policeman Sergeant John McLoughlin, is based on an original screenplay by Andrea Berloff about McLoughlin and his colleague William Jimeno, who were saved from the wreckage of the Twin Towers.

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