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Burt Reynolds Stunned by Grandfather's Protection Plea

Jul 28, 2005 | 9:45am EDT

Movie star Burt Reynolds was stunned when his Dukes Of Hazzard co-star Jessica Simpson's grandfather asked him to look after the pop star - because he felt someone else should be keeping him away from her.

The Deliverance star, who plays villainous Boss Hogg in the movie adaptation of the cult TV series, isn't used to playing father figures to young actresses--and still recalls a time when he was the one being told to stay away. He says, "He went, 'Make sure nobody bothers her,' and I went, 'What's happened to me?'

"Before they would say, 'Stay away!' Now it's 'You're harmless. You protect her.'"

Reynolds admits he was smitten with his sexy young co-star, who plays Daisy Duke in the movie: "She was stunning. You could set a glass right on her rear end and you wouldn't spill a drop, which I like a lot."

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