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Kate Moss Offered Gambling Contract

Sep 28, 2005 | 7:34am EDT

Supermodel Kate Moss has been offered a new contract in the wake of her recent drug scandal--gambling Web site has offered her $5 million to be its spokesmodel.

The 31-year-old has lost lucrative contracts with H&M, Burberry, H. Stern and Chanel after photographs of her allegedly snorting cocaine were published in a British newspaper earlier this month.

But Moss could now find herself inundated with offers from less image-conscious companies keen to tap into her enduring popularity. spokesman Jack Abrams--who wants to Moss to agree to a five-year deal--says, "We believe in giving people who have been affected by both seen and unforeseen circumstances a second chance.

"Our demographic clientele is males, ages 21 to 45. We did a real quick focus group with some of our customers to see if they'd be offended in any way, and the response was an overwhelming, 'Yes, please, get Kate Moss as your spokesperson.'"

But even the budget Web site has warned it would take action if fresh allegations surfaced after a deal was struck: "Well, then the contract would be terminated immediately. Send her on her way, and wish her the best."

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