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'Star Wars' Soundtrack Voted Greatest in History

Oct 04, 2005 | 8:17am EDT

British composer John Williams has been honored for his Star Wars soundtrack, which has topped a survey of the greatest movie music of all time.

The sci-fi saga beat out competition from classic movie Gone with the Wind and epic adventure Lawrence of Arabia in the poll, conducted by the American Film Institute.

Williams was the only artist to triumph in the poll with a hat-trick of movie music favorites--with Jaws and E.T. also featured in the top 15.

The top 10 soundtracks are:

1. Star Wars--John Williams

2. Gone with the Wind--Max Steiner

3. Lawrence of Arabia--Maurice Jarre

4. Psycho--Bernard Herrmann

5. The Godfather--Nino Rota

6. Jaws--John Williams

7. Laura--David Raksin

8. The Magnificent Seven--Elmer Bernstein

9. Chinatown--Jerry Goldsmith

10. High Noon--Dimitri Tonkin

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