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Audrey Tautou remembers late filmmaker Claude Miller at Cannes

May 28, 2012 | 5:00am EDT

Miller passed away last month (Apr12), just weeks after he finished editing the movie, which stars Tautou and Gilles Lellouche.

Cannes bosses announced Therese Desqueyroux would close the annual film festival in France in tribute to Miller, and Tautou admits it was a sombre experience walking the red carpet on Sunday (27May12) without her friend.

She tells the Associated Press, "Claude really gave us a life lesson on the shoot of Therese. When you see the film he made - brilliant and unrelenting - you think how crazy it is that a film like that could be made with such simplicity."

Recalling some of her final conversations with Miller, she adds, "I remember... The thing is, right until the end his eyes would sparkle. He was so bright and passionate.

"We'd talk about movies, about Therese. Oh, we'd talk about Cannes! He said when we go to Cannes, we'll have to dress nicely."

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